Saturday, May 21, 2016

Harry's Hots

look what I found...

My Dad grew up in Rochester and used to go there regularly.  Been there once myself, back in the '80s, when we were in town for a cousin's wedding.

My Dad used to make the hot sauce all the time.  Someone posted the recipe for the hot sauce in the post, so I'll have to make some and see if it's what I remember.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Nobilis and Disney

Inspired by the Gameable Disney Podcast ( ), I have determined that the most appropriate gaming system for the Disney Princess universe is Nobilis: the Game of Sovereign Powers (  and and )

So here are the Nobilis characters of Elsa from Frozen and Rapunzel from Tangled, along with explanations of why I assigned the attributes, etc. as I did.


Aspect                  0
Domain                5              Cold
Realm                  1              “The hidden tower”
Spirit                    1              2 Anchors

Anchors:              Anna, Hans

During the movie, we do not see Elsa performing physical feats beyond that of a normal human, except possibly getting to the top of the North Mountain in only a few hours, but we can presume she spent a few miracle points to do this.

Elsa’s Estate is clearly Cold (a.k.a. ice and snow.)  Throughout the movie, she is seen creating modest amounts of ice or snow easily (if not intentionally) and frequently, therefore I think the highest score of 5, giving her the title of Regal (but then she’s already the Snow Queen.)

For Realm (control over the chancel), which I have identified as “The hidden tower”, which in Frozen appears as her ice palace, she has some low level of control.  The creation was a greater creation miracle, which used her Domain.  Once created, however, she is able to manipulate it a bit.  The ice to trap and push the Wesselton goons is a lesser creation, and could be attributed to Domain use, but we also see the palace’s ice walls changing color according to her mood, which shows some connection to the chancel, but not a great one.

Spirit determines her skills with magic and other mystical aspects of Nobilis.  There is little evidence of this in the movie, so we’ll just assign a token 1 point.

Anchors are mortals who serve the Nobilis and must be either loved or hated.  Princess Anna is loved, Prince Hans hated.

Gifts: (specialized and specific uses of power)

Build a Snowman:
                Lesser Creation                             4
                Ease of Use, Simple Miracle        -1
                Range, one local “person”            -2
                Flexibility, one trick                     -3
                Total                                             -2, but minimum cost is 1

Attributes = 21 pts, Gifts = 1 pt
With 3 left over, we will increase Elsa’s starting Domain Miracle points from the default 5 to 8.


Aspect                  3
Domain                1              Life
Realm                   3              “The hidden tower”
Spirit                    1              2 Anchors

Anchors:              Flynn/Eugene, Mother Gothel

During the movie Tangled, we see several things that would indicate a reasonable high Aspect score.  First, her hair is always in perfect condition.  Second, she is seen performing ridiculously difficult acrobatics, usually associated with her hair, far beyond what a normal human could do.  And whacking people with a frying pan.

Rapunzel’s Estate is Life.  However, we see her use her Estate on a few times.  Early in the movie, she performs a Lesser Preservation of Life of Mother Gothel, and that’s it until the end, when she performs a either a Major Preservation or a Major Creation of Life, bringing Flynn/Eugene back to life (Hollyhock God’s judgement on that.)  Therefore, she does not need a high score in Domain.

For Realm (control over the chancel), “The hidden tower” in Tangled would be the actual hidden tower she has lived in for so many years.  With all the decorations and painting that Rapunzel has done, she appears to have great significant control over it.

Spirit determines her skills with magic and other mystical aspects of Nobilis.  Like in Frozen for Elsa, there is little evidence of this in the movie, so again we’ll just assign a token 1 point.

Anchors: Flynn/Eugene is loved, Mother Gothel is hated.

Attributes = 24 pts
With 1 left over, we will increase Rapunzel’s starting Aspect Miracle points from the default 5 to 6.

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