Sunday, August 19, 2018

DiceRoller progress

making progress!

I've completed the diceroller notification microservice and have it running up on Azure as well.  For testing, I'm running a program locally that connects to the dice roll generator microservice to get dice rolls, saves them in memory, then sends them and my email address to the notification microservice for delivery.  And I receive the email a few seconds later, very nice.

So the next steps...

I will be creating an "orchestrator" microservice, which does essentially what my testing program is doing.  It would receive a list of requested dice rolls and email addresses, and make the calls to each of the other two microservices to complete the request.

After that, I will build a website, so actual humans can enter their dice roll requests and email addresses.  Completing this would be the real, critical accomplishment for this thing running in a useful way.

Once I get this running, I'll get it working on a real web-address (not GoDaddy was having a sale on .xyz domains recently, so I purchased for $1, and will be using that.

After that, I will be adding a few niceties:  true random numbers generated from, and adding a digital signature to each set or rolls.  More details on these as I get to them.

p.s. the address for the dice rolls microserver has changed a little.  It's now at  (e.g. ).

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